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2023 Guided Rides

2024 details will be announced soon!

Sign up for our guided rides and explore what Ascutney Trails has to offer with local guides. We’ll have options for families, youths, beginner, intermediate, advanced and ladies-only guided rides too! Sign up is at the event only at the Ascutney Trails Association tent. Rides will go out at 9am, 10am, 1pm & 2pm all weekend. * NOTE: All mileage and elevation are a mapped estimate and may vary

We have rated our rides using our Flow State Tech Rating. Click here to learn your rating!

Route Descriptions

Evening Rides **New for 2023**

Experience true adventuring on the Ascutney Trails network on one of our evening rides.

We’ll meet at 7.30pm and make sure everyone has working lights. We’ll head out as the sun starts to lower in the sky and wrap up in the dark. Remember, we lose light fast in the woods!!!

You must supply your own lighting system to adequately illuminate the trail in front of you.

This ride will take a free-form route determined by the guides, depending on the group and conditions.  Expect to be out for an hour and a half, give or take.

E-Bike Epics **New for 2023**

Join some of our Ascutney Trails E-bike regulars for a guided ride just for e-bikes.  Riders can BYO their own MTB EBikes or demo one from the vendors at the fest. Bikes should be mountain bike specific, and class 1 E-bikes only (pedal-assist, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph).These rides will take a free-form route determined by the local guides, depending on the group and conditions.  Expect to be out for approximately 2 hours, give or take.

An e-bike expert from one of our sponsors will join each ride so you’ll have an opportunity to learn more during the ride.

Charging stations will be available for recharging your batteries during the weekend.

Daily Routes

**New for 2023** Green Fields and Forest Pines – Beginner

A true beginner ride, you’ll start at elevation and enjoy a dirt road warm up cruise down to some field views of Mount Ascutney.  A fun singletrack loop through the pines, then back up to the top of Mile Long Field to finish with the iconic Hay Ride downhill before heading back to the Ascutney Outdoors Center.
4.5 miles*
426 ft elevation gain*
Tech Rating: 3
Trailhead: Town Forest

Wind Up Glide Down – Beginner

After a warm up on Gravelle’s Grinder, climb the meandering Wind Up for valley views as you head into the forest via Last Mile to the Utility Road and Deer Run for some lower angle singletrack. Popping out into Mile Long Field you’ll ride the iconic Hayride and finish with one last switchback climb up Home Again before traversing boardwalks back to the AOC.

4.5 miles*

539 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 4

Trailhead: AOC


Swoops and Loops – Beginner

The most fun you’ll have on a novice trail. Ride the iconic Swoops and Loops trail clockwise This ride is well-suited to families and beginners of all ages with terrain and features that help riders get comfortable: wide bridges, boardwalks and a variety of double and singletrack. One steep hill and switchback can be walked up or down, depending on the comfort of the rider. Ride it all or choose a loop, it all swoops!

3.5 miles*

294 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 4

Trailhead: State Park


Lou’s Loop – Advanced Beginner

This loop caters for the advanced beginner, Ascutney-style. It includes some intermediate terrain that the real beginner may find challenging, yet help with progression: rocky brook crossings and side-hill single-track are all worth the trip, even if you feel more comfortable walking your bike on these short sections.

5.0 miles*

661 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 5

Trailhead: AOC


**New for 2023** Stroll to the Grassy Knoll – Intermediate

Start from the Town Forest on a tour out to one of our favorites, the Grassy Knoll.  You’ll ride some tech roots and rocks along the way, then flow your way down Southern Belle. Make your way back to the Ascutney Outdoors Center on some classic cruisy Ascutney single track, with a stop to take in the view from the top of Mile Long Field.

6.3 miles*

957 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 5-6

Trailhead: Town Forest


Field and Forest Cruising – Intermediate

A moderate tour from the AOC Trail head of mostly flowy terrain on classic Ascutney singletrack. Enjoy valley views from the fields and ski slopes when not in the forest. You’ll encounter boardwalks, bridges (not too skinny) and rock gardens, and finish with downhill flow.

4.3 miles*

678 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 5-6

Trailhead: AOC


Ascutney Iconic – Intermediate

This is true Ascutney and features our signature singletrack, switchbacks, brook crossings, bridges and rock gardens. The ride ends with our new flow trail for a happy flow finish. The higher mileage and few sections of advanced trail make this more of an advanced intermediate ride, and is a great sampling of both our ski area/mountainside trails and our Town Forest network.

8.1 miles*

1,295 ft elevation gain*

Flow State Tech Rating: 6

Trailhead: AOC


**New for 2023** Norcross – Advanced

New to guided rides for Flow State 2023, this route climbs up the ski area and then traverses out to the State Park. The terrain is not our most technical but the overall length of the ride makes it not for the faint of heart.  A hefty climb up from the AOC will bring you to the iconic Quarry Lookout on the Brownsville hiking trail. You’ll the share a short portion of the Brownsville trail with hikers, then start the single track traverse over to the State Park via some spectacular bridges and fun flow, finishing with a loop on one of our favorites, Swoops and Loops before heading back the way you came. This is unique to New England mountain bike riding that features a 3+ mile stretch of trail with no trail intersections to interrupt the ride. Only a few trail systems in Vermont can claim this type of riding.

There are three options to enjoy this ride at FlowState:

15.5 miles* (Full out and back)

2,417 ft elevation*

Flow State Tech Rating: 7-8

Trailhead: AOC


Rock’n’Rollin – Advanced

Start at the Town Forest trailhead and finish back at the AOC for an end to end tour of Ascutney Trails. A mix of tech and flow with some solid climbing, this route adds in the jumps, berms and features of Paradise Hill Flow. A very scenic ride for those looking for some technical trails.

8 miles*

1,113 ft elevation*

Flow State Tech Rating: 7-8

Trailhead: Town Forest


Traversing the Trails – Advanced

This adventure covers our most technical terrain, with flowy breaks amongst stunning scenery. Ridgeback are South Ridge Run are for granite lovers with some steep rock roll downs and ridge-riding challenges as well as dramatic cliffs, but no drops. This is our most physically and technically challenging tour, but may be ridden at an easier pace. Once you’re back at the top of Mile Long Field, its taster’s choice on how to get back to the AOC.

8 miles (to MLF)*

1,226 ft elevation (approximately to MLF)*

Flow State Tech Rating: 7-8

Trailhead: AOC


Flow State Tech Ratings

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Flow State Tech Rating 1

You have never ridden a bike before or it’s been years since you have.

Flow State Tech Rating 2

You’ve never ridden trail but occasionally ride on dirt roads or bike paths and you work up a sweat with regularity doing other activities.

Flow State Tech Rating 3

You’ve ridden trails and are learning how to downshift properly when climbing (you know how to shift in advance of a steep pitch without any painful derailleur noises) and to brake appropriately (so you don’t go over the handlebars) on steeper descents. You’re an active person and exercise weekly.

Flow State Tech Rating 4

You’re into mountain biking and are building skills to handle rocks and roots on climbs and descents. You live an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Flow State Tech Rating 5

You trail ride regularly and are looking to take your mountain biking to the next level. You’re working on riding more technical features and holding speed through turns. You’re comfortable on hour-long rides and want to go farther.

Flow State Tech Rating 6

You’re ready to roll down that scary rock face and are envious of your friends who know how to do a tail whip in the bermy singletrack. You’ve got the fitness to power up the hills with energy to spare.

Flow State Tech Rating 7

You’re comfortable on all terrain, but still ride in control. Maybe you’re a little cautious on gnarly features. You’ve gotten into Strava and push to PR on climbs.

Flow State Tech Rating 8

You’re first to the top and fastest to the bottom. You’ve competed in cross country, downhill or enduro races and spend far more money than you should on bikes, gear and travel. You’ve chosen biking over relationships at some point in your past. Maybe even this weekend.