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FLOW STATE Welcomes Trail Boss Jeff Lenosky to Ascutney

Professional freeride and trials rider to lead daily rides

Brownsville, Vt. (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – FLOW STATE, The Vermont Mountain Bike Festival sponsored by Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Mountain Flyer Magazine, is excited to welcome professional mountain biker Jeff Lenosky to Ascutney Trails from July 30- August 1st.

Lenosky, an ambassador for REEB Cycles, Pearl Izumi and the Can’d Aid Foundation, is a former national champion trials rider and once held the record for the highest bunny hop (45.5 inches). Recently, he’s focused on passing on the skills he’s mastered to others. His YouTube channel has nearly 70 thousand subscribers and it’s as entertaining as it is instructional.

Lenosky’s specialty is riding the “unrideable.” Only now he’s sharing how to up every rider’s game so they can ride what was previously unrideable for them.

“As a kid, I grew up looking up to freestyle BMX riders who would tour the country and perform demos,” he recently told FLOW STATE sponsor Mountain Flyer Magazine. “When I first got sponsored for mountain bike trials my first real value to my sponsors was touring around doing trials demos. I’ve always enjoyed sharing the stoke of riding with other people so I think it’s awesome that nowadays people want to get involved in the action so the best way to make those connections is to set up group ride events.

“The main goal for me sharing my knowledge with other riders is helping them learn and watching them have break through moments,” he added. “Helping riders learn a completely new skill gives me the same satisfaction I had when I was learning many years ago!”

Given that most events were cancelled last year, Lenosky is psyched to get back on the evangelism trail. And, being from New Jersey, he’s especially excited to get back to the Northeast single track for which Ascutney is known.

“I’ve ridden Vermont many times and I’ve always loved the terrain,” he says. “Being an East Coaster myself there’s always a certain familiarity about it. I’m excited to ride Ascutney because my only impression of it was a ride I did there about five years ago: It was awesome but I got completely lost so I’m sure once I know where I’m going it’ll be even better!”

And Lenosky assures the promoters he’ll get well acquainted with the trails before leading a group ride!


About FLOW STATE: FLOW STATE is presented by Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Mountain Flyer Magazine. It’s a three-day celebration of all things mountain biking at the Ascutney Outdoor Center in Brownsville, Vt. Set in the heart of Ascutney Trails’ 35-mile network of singletrack, with access to an additional 20 miles of trail on private property, FLOW STATE will feature product demos, guided rides and clinics as well as camping, food trucks and beer, live music and more. Camping is available starting Thursday, July 29th and the festival runs through Sunday, August 1st.

About Ascutney Trails: Located at the base of the old Ascutney Mountain Resort, the Ascutney Trails network snakes around the base of the northern side of the mountain and has grown since 2006 to include more than 35 miles of mapped singletrack with an additional 20 miles of trail on private land. This spring, Ascutney Trails will add another 10 miles of singletrack, headlined by the Norcross Trail, which contours the mountain from the Ascutney State Park Campground to the heart of the network in Brownsville. Also on tap is a skills park and flow trail.

About Mountain Flyer Magazine: Mountain Flyer is a premium quality, quarterly mountain bike journal based in Gunnison, Colo., and Jeffersonville, Vt. Our honest editorial and rich photography take you straight into the gritty, salt-stained core of the mountain bike scene. Our mission is to inspire our readers to ride and explore. Mountain Flyer is renowned for its photo-driven, feature-oriented storytelling, focusing on clean design and high-quality printing.

About Lawson’s Finest Liquids: Based in Waitsfield, Vt., Lawson’s Finest Liquids produces beer of the highest quality with outstanding freshness. Lawson’s emulates the best of widely-appreciated styles of beer featuring world-class IPSs and unique maple brews while quenching the thirst of beer lovers from near and far.