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Frequently Asked Questions


  • FLOW STATE is Friday, July 28 through Sunday, July 30, 2023

Where is FLOW STATE?

  • FLOW STATE will be at the Ascutney Outdoors Center, 449 Ski Tow Rd, Brownsville, VT

What’s included in my FLOW STATE ticket?

  • It depends on the type of ticket! But generally your ticket gets you access to demos, free guided rides, and more! Click here for details.

What do I need to bring if I want to demo bikes?

  • You should bring a set of pedals, your ID and a credit card for the demo tent to hold as collateral.

Are E-bikes allowed?

  • You bet! E-bikes are allowed on all of ATA’s trails.

Is there onsite camping for FLOW STATE?

  • Yes! We have a limited number of sweet onsite camping options! Check out all the details about our sites here.

Are there showers for those that are camping?

  • No. Sorry. But there is nearby river access!

Is there water access?

  • Yes! We will have a potable water access station as well as bike washing stations onsite.

Will there be food on site?

Will there be beer?

  • Better question, would it be a proper festival if we didn’t have beer? There will be a beer garden running each day. We are working on plans to have wine and/or cider but at this time we have beer only. Outside alcohol is not permitted in our festival perimeter. In line with town liquor regulations, we ask you to please refrain from drinking in the camping zones while our beer tent is open.

Will there be music?

What are the quiet hours?

  •  Following Local regulations quiet hours are between 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.

Is the event cash only?

  • Most vendors will probably accept credit cards but we recommend bringing some cash just in case – WiFi can be spotty so purchases may be easier with cash. There is NO ATM on site. Please bring enough cash for the weekend or plan on going to a bank in Windsor (10 min drive).

Can I bring my dog?

  • Dogs are not allowed at the Flow State Mountain bike festival, as per ATA’s official dog policy:

ATA has made the decision that Flow State will be a pet-free event. Please note that dogs are not allowed at the festival, and if you bring your dog, you will be asked to leave.

This policy is in the best interest of fellow fest attendees as well as our 4-legged friends, who don’t need to be left unattended or spend hours locked in a hot car in July if you are out riding. 

The festival environment is often hot, crowded, and loud, and can be very stressful for animals and a usually well-behaved pet may behave otherwise. We know that many folks have trail dogs join them on rides, but the sheer amount of bikes on the trails would make it dangerous for dogs as well as humans at FlowState.  

Please be a responsible and loving dog parent by leaving them at home or making arrangements to put them in a local kennel for the day/weekend. 

If I’m not biking can I just come hang out?

  • You need to have a ticket to attend Flow State. If you don’t want to bike, we offer Music Only tickets, entry for which starts around 3pm on Friday & Saturday. Learn more here. You can also volunteer for a shift or two and get access accordingly. But as this is a fundraiser, all attendees must have a ticket to enter our perimeter.

Is there an age restriction for volunteering?

  • We love having juniors join us and gain experience as volunteers and want to foster that environment for our ‘next generation’. To help promote a safe and positive experience for all, volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult volunteer for the duration of their shift. Learn more here.

What is ATA?

  • The Ascutney Trails Association (ATA) is an energetic group of hikers, mountain bikers, back-country skiers and outdoor enthusiasts overseeing trails on Mt Ascutney and it’s surrounds.  Their mission is to advocate for and maintain accessibility of low-impact trails and structures used for human powered recreational activities in the townships of the Mt. Ascutney Area, and to support and preserve the deep historic connection Mt. Ascutney has to Vermont and New Hampshire. The ATA adheres to environmentally sound methods of responsible trail building, use, and stewardship while promoting outdoor education and cooperation with landowners. Flow State is proud to partner with ATA for our third year!

What is Mountain Flyer?

  • Mountain Flyer is a premium quality, quarterly mountain bike journal based in Gunnison, Colo., and Jeffersonville, Vt. Our honest editorial and rich photography take you straight into the gritty, salt-stained core of the mountain bike scene. Our mission is to inspire our readers to ride and explore. Mountain Flyer is renowned for its photo-driven, feature-oriented storytelling, focusing on clean design and high-quality printing.

Where do the proceeds of FLOW STATE go?

  • 100% of profits go to the ATA to keep up their growing network of trails and bring commerce to the Windsor/Brownvsille area.

Did we miss anything? Contact us if you have questions!